Sunday, April 10, 2011

Business As Usual

     Why I feel the urge to type right now, I couldn't tell you. I started the day by falling out of bed at 8:00 am feeling achy from a busier than usual Thursday at the restaurant last night. "I'm up, I'm up", I tell my wife. "You're awake you're not up!", she continues, "I don't hear any movement!" <Moan> I drag my tired body down two long flights of stairs and take care of my first priority by brewing coffee with my one year old boy on my hip.
My wife, who has been feeling a bit under the weather do to our crazy Maryland weather, is up with him at 5:30 am or so and gets a break when I crawl out of bed. It's important to me to have as much time with my little boy when I am home also. Coffe brewed, infant books read to very distractable baby boy, plastic shapes and blocks slobbered on, check! mini melt down, bottle, snuggle time, Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, check! I usually have a split-second moment thought of dread (do I really have to go to work?) before realizing i should have been in the shower twenty minutes ago and getting dressed by now and finally realize that I have to be out the door in fifteen minutes. Grief!
     It's about a half an hour after midnight now, and I just dragged myself in the door after running my ass off for the last twelve hours. My butt is in my favorite round couch, I have MLB TV on, and I am typing while sleeping with my eyes open. (lost train of thought) Oh yeah, beers have been and still are being consumed and I cracked a jar of peanuts already feeling a little jaded three days into my six day work week. One of our part-time servers is expecting a baby soon, like next week, and tonight was her final night at the restaurant. So I have been picking up one or more tables from her section on our crazy busy Friday nights for the last few months because she can't move like she used to with baby on board, but having those extra tables tonight made my head spin!
     On a usual Friday night I would have a five table section and try to turn on crazy hyper-speed mode and  flip my tables as often as possible, while upholding our excellent level of service with huge smiles and the short and funny jokes flowing. It was that kind of night when our front room filled up repeatedly throughout the night with parties waiting, as we could just feel the heat of anticipation pouring off of the anxious crouds watching as we empty tables for them.
     I had to ask my busboys to run side salads, fellow servers to prebus tables and one of the owners to run my food this evening! I was just taking care of busines and working for two, as our mother-to-be was working for two. She shouldn't have been "working" tonight, but we have been short on good servers and we had no choice but to have her here for one more night.
     I've got more for you, but all steam is gone.......pfffffff.

                               Until next time.        


  1. Love the post! I can't hear any movement!!!

  2. I feel as though this will be a great week, now that I've consumed my usual flippin' tables fix! Yet another excellent read >_<

    Kudos +*****

  3. I like your post. You are a definitely a family man and we have a lot in common. You have a way of writing that is very easy to read. I added you on my blog roll. Great stuff!

  4. Thanks for the compliments! I've enjoyed your blog to Steve! And Diet Coke and Diapers too!