Friday, October 26, 2012

Current Events

          With all sincerity, I love to hate and I hate to love what I do. Yeah, like most of us probably. Let’s just say my job is nothing to brag about at my upcoming twelve year high school reunion. 

Yeah, I’m not even responding to that invitation(did i even get one?) because, well, I graduated from one of the most distinguished boy’s preparatory schools in the country. It's funny how things work out....But life took me down a different road than my former classmates who graduated from Georgetown, MIT, Harvard, Princeton and the such, only to continue onto graduate schools of equal caliber.
I dropped out of community college, twice. I was working for my own money throughout all of high school and whatever I could consider my college career. My parents never bought me a car or a lot of trendy clothes when I was younger. Today, I would have worked to buy my own iPod if I were still in high school. However, I appreciate the tough love my Irish-Catholic parents instilled in me. I matured in restaurants, outside of the home, while my graduating classmates were puking on frat house floors and date raping drunk girls. 
 I took a big leap into corporate coffee/restaurant management at a young age and crushed it. I spent years being "molded" by upper management.  But it was nice that my brother was a few years ahead of me in experience and doing similar amazing things in the back of the house cooking. We reunited in Washington D.C. as we were simultaneously opening restaurants on 7th Street NW, DC. That led me to a bit of a reunion when my brother and I began working together again once he and his business partners opened our restaurant.
And look at me now. After going down the previously-mentioned path, I’m happily married to a beautiful and equally ambitious woman. We own a home and have a handsome and healthy son together. I couldn’t be happier. Or could I? Yeah, maybe I could work in a stiff, sweaty suit and tie  situation and lick corporate ass for a living, or lie finding my way past the court and law for a living. Or consider myself a Washington socialite while inventing corruption for a living and call it keeping the peace among a governing population as a politician. But I've chosen to work for a living. I call it sweat equity, Capitalism. And now I am a partner in a Catering Company. working my ass off to bring in what's needed. No more standing by and waiting for tables to hopefully shuffle through the front door. The Catering company is helping me maintain status quo, as no one likes to dump dollars at locally owned restaurants lately. But we have made money where we we can and things have been great! Catering is keeping life very busy!!!! It's proven to be an important time of retrospect and consideration with today's changing economy and state of affairs. Best of luck to you all!!!

How are things on your end???

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