Monday, May 16, 2011


It's been a very long and busy week and I am ready for a "day off" whatever that might be. Paying bills, refinancing the house, getting tires on the Jeep rotated, and balancing that with quality family time???
So as my work week ends and many others have just begun, I'll leave you some recommended light reading for all of us who fake smiles and constantly fight off the urge to choke rude people until they are blue. TGIM


  1. We've all had those weeks sometimes I've had to bite my tongue so much that (figuratively) I've come home with my mouth tasting of blood and sounding like I had sever speech impediment

  2. Having never read that book I can say from the title alone it looks like -required- reading for anyone in 'the biz'. I could have used that with my fourteen top last night >:(